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Save Up To $500 On All Cast Iron SawStop Table Saws 

In 2004 SawStop launched its first table saw, the Industrial Cabinet Saw. It was the first saw with the ability to stop a spinning blade upon contact with skin in less than 5 milliseconds. Twenty years later, with hundreds of thousands of saws sold and thousands of documented finger saves, SawStop is celebrating by offering, for the first time ever, sale prices on all cast iron saws. 


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Available only in the U.S. through participating SawStop dealers from July 1 through Sept. 2, 2024. Dealers participating in this limited-time promotion are marked with a "20" on the map.


Industrial Cabinet Saw

The saw that started it all for SawStop, the ICS is the heaviest, most powerful, and highest quality 10” cabinet saw on the market. The ICS is built to withstand all day, everyday use in an industrial shop setting. Choose from 3, 5, or 7.5 HP motors and 36” or 52” T-Glide rip fences.  


Professional Cabinet Saw

Designed to accommodate the demands of the avid woodworker, the PCS is our best-selling cabinet saw. The PCS delivers superior precision, optimum power (1.75 or 3 HP), and unparalleled safety, and your choice of three rip fence setups. 


Contractor Saw

SawStop’s lowest-priced and most configurable cast iron table saw, the Contractor Saw combines our safety system with a 1.75 HP motor and three rip fence choices into a convenient stationary machine capable of making all the cuts you’ll need. 

SawStop: Worth Every Penny

These Men Wish They Could Turn Back Time

Patrick, David, Dennis, and thousands of other people have suffered serious, life-altering accidents on a table saw. Had they been using a SawStop saw, those accidents would have been minimized to small nicks that could have been treated with a Band-Aid. We can't change the past, but we can help protect your future.